Femme Collection

CRYPTOCORPUS is a fashion + technology project consists of Jack Davis’s 2018 collection “CRYPTOCORPUS” and an interactive 3D website. Drawing inspiration from cryptocurrency, blockchain and the dark web, this project presents how the digital world brings influence to the current visual culture.
Through bridging a conversation between fashion and technology, the project aimed to bring the digital culture, something that is inherently intangible, to the physical space, and to manifest its visual representation through wearable and garments.

Concept Keywords

Website Structure

Design Decisions
The showcase website follows a narrative of a speculative “web shop” for people to acquire garments. The complete experience is divided into three parts: tutorial page for explaining the navigations, white room webpages for background information about the concept of the collection and the project, 3D scanned models displaying the actual garments.

Detailed 3D Scans to Low Poly Versions

3D Scanning Process

I created 3D scans of the models to directly capture how the garments should be worn. The procedure of adjusting the results to low poly models represents a metaphor of abstracting the visual entity.
To further abstract the looks, I used Blender and Rhino to turn these scans into low poly models. The models are then converted into JSON files to work with Three.js.

Complete Walkthrough of the Experience

Team Members
Yanwen Dong - web design & development, 3D scanning & modeling
Jack Davis - garments, design & concept
Kehan Lai - Photography
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