Performance at COMMEND NYC

BLOBS is a custom audio visualizer created for the live coding Algorave performance hosted by Parsons Algorave Studio at COMMEND NYC, a record store and performance space, in May 2019. 

Concept Diagram

Design Decisions
I collaborated with Ray LC from the live coding studio for this project. Ray is responsible for programming the music in Sonic Pi, a live coding environment for music.
The design process of this audio visualizer started with some initial music setup Ray provided for inspiration. Based on the samples and musical directions, I assigned different types of sounds with visuals that can represent the salsa style that the music was going for.

Application Visual Design

Technical Diagram

Application Testing

Developing The Program
Blob shapes are used as the major visual element in this visualizer. To show the lively atmosphere of the music, I also used dynamic multi-window displays to add two other smaller windows moving across the screen. Ray’s music script consists of a list of “switches” for triggering sequences of melodies, drum patterns and rhythms, allowing the visual behaviors to be linked to the music according to those “switches”.
I used Processing to develop the visuals. Since the music is live coded and iterated in Sonic Pi, I connected the two programs via OSC, to have Sonic Pi events trigger visual changes in Processing.
Team Members
Yanwen Dong - audio responsive visuals
Ray LC - algorithmic music
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